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What is an ASIC Miner and Why Do They Exist?


ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit- quite a mouthful. Most people have interacted with them in the form of ASIC Miners for Bitcoin or other Proof of Work Cryptocurrencies. To understand them, letโ€™s talk a little bit about the history of the other chips you can use to mine: CPUs and GPUs. CPU (Central … Read more

How Half the Ethereum Network Wound up in Ohio

Welcome to Ohio

By Phillip McCabe. Originally published 08/28/22 The State of MEV, Staking & Centralization on the Ethereum Network Post-Merge, Or:How Half the Ethereum Network wound up in Ohio Before we start, Crypto Caverns is not against regulation. Properly done, reasonable regulations can help form a stable marketplace. We like good regulation, and we like good blockchain … Read more

Coin Showcase Series 3: Ethereum Classic

A better look at Ethereum Classic Here at Crypto Caverns, weโ€™re researching a variety of coins as we look toward expansion. And as we research, weโ€™ll be keeping you in the loop on some standouts, and telling you a bit about them. Next up is Ethereum Classic (ETC). Ethereum Classic is an open-source, decentralized, blockchain-based … Read more