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Mining rigs FAQ

Are your rigs really available?

Yes. All of our top quality, world class mining rigs are listed at market prices. Our prices are updated regularly and all prices reflect real supply and availability

How do I pick a mining rig?

Each GPU mining rig is made up of a number of GPUs. The type and quantity of GPUs is clearly stated in the name of the mining rig. Each rig will have different hashpower (mining performance) power usage, and resale value, we encourage you to use a mining calculator such as when choosing your mining rig.

Each ASIC mining rig is it’s own dedicated machine, it is simply set up and put in our datacenter. There are a lot of sources online which you can use to figure out current profitability. One of these websites is Asic Prices.

What happens when I buy a mining rig?

Once you have chosen the rig you want, you have to decide if you want us to host the miner at one of our world class facilities or if you want us to ship it to you. We highly recommend hosting with us, as running industrial mining hardware can be difficult and expensive unless you have your own industrial mining facility.

What kind of power supply do I need?

Our rigs work on 220v. Though you may have to buy a C12 or C13 (depending on the rig) power cord with the correct adapter for your outlet.

Can I run your rigs in my house/apartment/work/etc?

Industrial miners require a lot of electricity and will often blow out non industrial fuses. They are also very loud. Check with an electrician to see if your wiring can handle the load.

What software comes on the rigs?

Our miners are industrial miners, they do not come with any operating system installed. For liability reasons we cannot provide any software on our shipped rigs. Please ensure you have enough knowledge (at least having custom built a computer) before requesting delivery.

What operating system/software should I use?

For a mining OS we generally recommend HiveOS as it is very versatile. We do not however provide any software support.

What is the life expectancy of a miner?

As long as a mining rig is cooled properly, and has regular maintenance, a mining rig will usually last for about 4 to 6 years. Sometimes replacement of fans is needed (about every 2 years on average).

What happens when a coins rewards is halved?

When coin rewards are halved the amount of coins mined will be 50% less. Often one can switch over to a more rewarding token to ensure the mining rig is still generating the maximum amount of value in cryptocurrencies. For Bitcoin this will be around May 2024, for Litecoin this is around August 2023.


What is included in your hosting package?

Our hosting packages include all labor, maintenance, and our Hashrate Guarantee.

How do I pay my electrical bill?

Electricity is charged and deducted automatically from your mining. You will not see a bill! You may also prepay if you prefer.

What is the term of the hosting package, is there a rental fee?

At the end of the first and second year we will give you three choices:

1) We will offer you a buyout price, based on market rates

2) We will offer to ship the rig to you

3) You can continue to host with us buy paying an annual rent of $150/rig for the second year and $300/rig for the third year.

What happens after three years?

In order to ensure that we deliver our industry leading uptime and maintenance we cannot host rigs that are more than three years old. However we will still offer you the choice of a buyout, based on market pricing, or you can accept physical delivery of the rig. 

How am I paid out?

Once the rig is setup you will begin receiving income, once you reach a certain income threshold it will be payed-out from the mining pool, directly to your crypto wallet. Please make sure that the wallet address you entered corresponds to the cryptocurrency you have selected to mine.

What is the Hashrate Guarantee?

We guarantee precision delivery of your hashrate for a 2% hashrate fee. You will receive 100% uninterrupted hashrate based on your model (see this page).  If your machine goes down for any reason during the normal course of business you will continue to receive your normal hashrate and will not notice any difference while we repair your machine.



How do I manage my order?

When you checkout you will be prompted to create an account. In your account you can check the status of your order under the “Orders” tab. If you have any issues feel free to send us a message under the “miner support” tab and we will reply directly to you through email

How long will my order take to process? 

While we can typically get your rig running in less than 48 hours of receipt, please allow us up to a week to get your rig running. If there is a delay for any reason we will contact you directly through email. Shipped orders typically go out within a week and we will email you your tracking number as soon as possible.



How will my GPU order be shipped?

We will split up your order in 2 separate shipments. One shipment for the mining case(s) and one for the GPU’s. We do this to ensure the GPU’s do not get damaged during shipping. BIOS batteries (CR2032) will be removed and not be shipped due to shipping laws.

My items are damaged during shipping!

Please make sure you document any issues with your order, immediately take pictures of any issues you have and contact us providing the pictures. Please wait for instructions afterwards. We will reply within 2 business days (typically sooner).

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries except countries forbidden by the U.S. export regulations.



How do I see what I am mining?

Once your rig is up we will email you a link to your mining rig’s monitor on the pool so that you can monitor your mining. This link can be found in your Dashboard on your account on our website. We are working on creating an integrated monitoring directly into your account on our site.

How do I change the coin I want to mine?

If you want to change the coin that you are mining go to your account and click on the “Miner Settings” tab. Here you can choose the coin you want to mine and enter your wallet address. Please make sure that the wallet address matches the coin you are mining. We highly recommend that you do not mine directly to exchange wallets as there are regularly issues with getting credited that cannot be resolved by us.

What if I want to mine a coin that isn’t available?

Please send us a request through the Miner Support tab and we will do our best to add it to the coins you can mine.

How does the optional buyout work?

If you are interested in selling your rig you can request a buyout at any time. We will offer you a price to buy you out instantly or you can have us post your rig on our site as a used rig for a fee. Payment for the rig is valued in USD but can be made in the cryptocurrency of your choice.