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Crypto Caverns was started in 2017 by a bold young Rufus Wright opening his first facility in Connecticut. Not just surviving the crypto winter of 2018 but thriving, he was able to expand into multiple new international facilities in Canada, China, and Kazakhstan. Though facing some troubles with the mining ban, Crypto Caverns was able to move all of it’s equipment to US Facilities in 2022 while hiring multiple new team members. We continue to innovate with new products and aim to set the standard of computing power while maintaining good environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, we believe that compute is the oil of a new era, and we seek to standardize that product for the long term. Computing power is often overpriced or priced randomly and access can be challenging, with high friction even for tech savvy users. This is not just true for compute related to blockchain, but the ever increasing demand for AI and remote rendering as well. Reliability begins with standardization.

We actively support blockchain development with our infrastructure. If you’re a project needing hardware, reach out to us!

Meet the Team!

Rufus Wright

Chief Executive Officer

James Morris Crypto Caverns

James Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Jacob van der Stam Crypto Caverns

Jacob van der Stam

Chief Technical Officer

Phil Mccabe Crypto Caverns

Phillip McCabe

Marketing Director