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You Can Now Mine Bitcoin with Crypto Caverns

Naturally, the number one question we’ve been getting lately is about the merge.

The number two question:

“Do you guys host Bitcoin ASICs?”

Traditionally and primarily, we’re a GPU Hosting company. But we can certainly understand people interested in hosting other equipment with our level of service! We can also understand people wanting to diversify their mining activity in volatile times like these. So for these and a few more reasons, we’ve decided to open our shelves to Bitcoin miners with a choice selection of ASICs!

These machines will get the same 97% Uptime Guarantee featuring automatic failover with free cleaning & repair, along with the same management dashboard and customer service.

One small difference: Due to their lower general maintenance costs, we’ll be able to offer these at a very competitive $0.07/kWh. Like the GPU Rigs, this is collected from mining profits.

So to answer the question: Yes. You can mine Bitcoin with Crypto Caverns! Check out our present selection here:

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