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Source: BBB Business Profiles
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Been on a client of Crypto Caverns for several months now. The communication and customer service has been nothing short of stellar. Great team of people and they go above and beyond expectations. Definitely recommend if you're trying to get into GPU mining.
Al J.
Al J.
Source: BBB Business Profiles
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In June, I ventured into the cryptocurrency mining world by purchasing two miners. One from CryptoCaverns located somewhere undisclosed, and a used one that now resides in my basement. Even as an experienced IT professional and investor, these purchases felt intimidating. There are worries, such as potential regulatory actions and other challenges associated with cryptocurrency. Despite this, the venture into mining has been enlightening. CryptoCaverns has proven reliable, and I anticipate a return on my investment in about 18 months. If you need guidance, don't hesitate to ask.
Lee C
Lee C
Source: BBB Business Profiles
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So I decided to get into mining crypto and I found this business and their website. Everything has been great, ordering was easy, great customer service, great communication. They keep their customers up to date in their telegram group with new offers and news that *** effect them. I would recommend this business to anyone that wants to get into mining. They offer hosted machines and some that they ship to you.
Crypto Caverns BBB Accredited Business

The Worlds First BBB Accredited Crypto Hosting Company

Our world class miner hosting packages give you full ownership of your rigs offering a turn-key solutions to crypto mining at industry leading prices. Rigs hosted in our world class facilities are backed by our uptime guarantee, providing electricity, maintenance, and repairs so you don’t have to worry about anything except what to mine.

Your Hashrate is Guaranteed

Your rigs are backed by ours. Maintenance and repairs are handled transparently and automatically at no additional cost to you for as long as they are hosted with us. You won’t receive a bill for repairs- ever.


You are in Control

Your rigs belong to you so we put you in control with our custom mining interface. Monitor your income in real time, with daily payouts as long as you meet the minimum threshold. Change the coin or wallet you are mining to anytime.

Secure US Facilities
  • Predictable mining conditions mean consistent returns for you.
  • Our New York base capitalizes on U.S. economic strength, ensuring stability for your investment.
  • Our facilities are in safe U.S. locations, reducing your exposure to operational risks.
  • Our 24/7 security protects your investment around the clock.

Globally Competitive Pricing
  • We aim to lead in cost-efficient distributed computing, promising you top-notch services at competitive rates.
  • Our hosting packages are designed with affordability in mind, offering you value for your money.
  • Benefit from our wholesale pricing for rigs, ensuring you get the best deal in the market.

Full Ownership
  • You retain full ownership of your equipment, giving you full control and flexibility.
  • We offer no-obligation hosting, providing you with the freedom to choose what’s best for you.
  • Benefit from our worldwide shipping, making our rigs accessible no matter where you are.
  • With just a 30-day notice, we prepare your equipment for transport, ensuring quick and hassle-free transitions.

Optional Buyouts
  • Enjoy the flexibility of selling your rig at any time with our two buyout options, providing you with financial options when you need them.
  • Opt for an immediate quote from us for quick and convenient sell-back.
  • For better pricing, list your equipment as pre-owned on our site at your chosen price.
  • The listing option allows you to maximize your return if you’re not in a rush, all for a small fee.

Choose Your Coins
  • Choose what you mine, tailoring the operation to your preferences and market insights.
  • Get your own monitoring portal for any targeted coins, ensuring transparency and control.
  • We provide access to a broad range of coins, expanding your opportunities for profit.
  • If there’s a coin you want to mine that we don’t currently offer, just tell us, and we’ll make it available for you.

All Rigs In Stock
  • Benefit from our daily verified stocks, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • We typically get your rigs up and running within 10 days of payment, ensuring a quick start.
  • Our 30 business days guarantee: If we can’t deliver, you get a full refund, ensuring risk-free purchases.
  • For larger orders than our website stock, contact us directly to discuss tailored delivery times.

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100% Green Hydroelectric Power

We Believe in Climate Positive Blockchain Infrastructure. Our facilities are powered by 100% Hydroelectric power. We also offset double our Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions through on-chain partner KlimaDAO’s Klima Infinity Program.

Meet the Team

Rufus Wright

Chief Executive Officer

James Morris Crypto Caverns

James Morris

Chief Financial Officer

Jacob van der Stam Crypto Caverns

Jacob van der Stam

Chief Technical Officer

Phil Mccabe Crypto Caverns

Phillip McCabe

Chief Information Officer

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Crypto Caverns is a industry leading Crypto Mining Hosting company. Reliability begins with standardization.

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