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8x AMD 590 – 245 Mh/s + 1 Year Hosting


Out of stock

Mining Rig:

Powered by 8 x AMD Radeon RX 590 cards

Estimated* Ethash mining rate: 245 Mh/s

Estimated power consumption: 1.28 Kw

Can Mine: ETH, ETC, BTC, RVN, and many more

This package includes one year of full service hosting in one of our world class facilities.


Guaranteed 90% uptime on a quarterly basis.

NOTE: At this time hosting orders will take 30 days to come online.


At the end of the year we will give you an offer for another year based on the condition of the rig and the cost of electricity. You will also have the option of having the mining rig shipped to you, or selling it.

For any further questions please see our FAQ Page