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Why we picked this plan: Because the machine’s efficiency will help you achieve profitability while Bitcoin pricing remains volatile.

Why choose us: With our top-tier mining management, $100 Off coupon, and 97% uptime guarantee, you’ll be set up with a great plan.

Want a different machine? Send us any ASIC for our “Send Us Your Machine Plan” and enjoy the same great management and guaranteed uptime.

Low Cost, High Efficiency Plan
7¢ energy, Whatsminer M50
Send Us Your Machine Plan
7¢ energy, plus slotting fee

Below you’ll find estimates of projected profits, and payback time periods for each plan based on the current price of Bitcoin, or the coins mined by your machine. Factors that can impact the figures below include, the useful lifespan of the ASICs, the impact of Bitcoin halving which is scheduled to occur in 2024, and the mining difficulty. (see FAQs at for more info). Please do your own research before making any financial investment. 

* The Higher Tech, Faster Payback Plan (Antminer L7) does not mine Bitcoin, it mines Dogecoin and Litecoin. The revenue displayed is the combined revenue from both coins.

This calculator assumes a doubling of price comes with a 25% increase in hashrate. This calculator is not meant to be used as an accurate measurement and is using the current spot price and difficulty rates. Data provided by

Low Cost, High Efficiency Plan
Mining Machine Machine Cost Profit/Day
WhatsMiner M50 $2499 $3.24*
Send Us Your Machine Plan
Mining Machine Slotting Fee Profit/Day
Whatever You Choose $1000 Varies by Equipment

*Profit/Day measured on 7/21/2023. This is not meant to be used as an accurate measurement and is using the current spot price and difficulty rates. Data provided by

Mining Plan Name ASIC Computer (used in plan) ASIC Price (for plan)
Low Cost, High Efficiency WhatsMiner M50 $1,933
Send Us Your Machine N/A $800 + Machine Cost
Bitcoin Current Price Profit (per day)
$23,265 $1.99
$23,265 Varies by Unit

Data Source:

Low, Fixed Electricity Rate

Electricity rate of just 7 cents per kWh for each mining plan, guaranteed for your one-year contract term. And no fees for excessive power or bandwidth usage. Your account will be charged daily for electricity based on your kWh usage, and mining will only occur when it’s profitable to mine based on the coin price, so your account will never have a negative balance.

Competitive ASIC Computer Prices

We offer ASIC mining computers to mine your Bitcoin (or other coins) at competitive prices (you’ll own title), or you can ship your own for installation in our facilities under our Send Us Your Machine Plan (an $800 slotting fee will apply). Please check our FAQs for models we accept and associated hosting costs. And we guarantee they’ll be mining with 97% uptime!

No Minimum Order and a Buyback

We minimize your risk by allowing  you to order just a single ASIC and we’ll buy it back at the end of your first year if you don’t wish to extend your contract.

Transparency and No Hidden Fees

We build trust with transparency. There’s no gimmicks or hidden fees. See our FAQs ( for more information and let us know if you have any questions.

New to Home Mining?

Before enrolling in a mining plan, you’ll first need to set up your cryptocurrency wallet and coin mining address, which will store your Bitcoin and other digital currency. Here are instructions from major digital wallet retailers on how to create your wallet and address: Exodus and Trust.

Crypto Caverns is a industry leading Crypto Mining Hosting company. Reliability begins with standardization.

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