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We’re a mining community, ready and waiting to fuel you with mining hardware. Whether you’re a first-time miner or a seasoned vet, we’ve got the tools you need to make smart choices fast. We’ve partnered with Miner Beast to provide you with an amazing discount!

Our 100% managed, turn-key, hosted rigs come with all maintenance and repairs included along with our 97% uptime guarantee. No minimum order quantities, rigs ship to our facility within 10 days of purchase and will start mining for you as soon as they arrive at our facility. After the first year you can extend your contract with us, sell your rigs, or accept delivery (see our FAQ for more info).

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ROI Calculations

* This calculator assumes a doubling of price comes with a 25% increase in hashrate. This calculator is not meant to be used as an accurate measurement and is using the current spot price and difficulty rates. Data provided by