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Crypto Caverns Shines At Fourth Annual Mining Disrupt Conference

Crypto Caverns is proud to report back on our amazing showing at this year’s Mining Disrupt expo and conference in Miami, Florida from July 26 to 28.

The Mining Disrupt conference — which counts crypto mining hardware provider JSBit as sponsors and plans to host thousands of attendees, investors and vendors — is a yearly opportunity for the innovators, disrupters and professionals minting the blockchains to connect, gather and focus on cryptocurrency mining.

Mining Disrupt is the largest bitcoin mining expo and mining container showcase, in its fourth year. Not only that, but it’s the world’s first B2B bitcoin and bitcoin mining expo.

This year’s three-day event boasted over 5,000 attendees and 200 companies. The expo featured dozens of booths, with a mix of ASIC distributors, hosting providers and container manufacturers. 

The many panel presentations ranged in topics: from the future of mining, to the importance of proof-of-work, to the intersection of law and mining, to women powered mining.

“As miners we are all ambassadors for this industry and for crypto in general. The way we approach community engagement is critical to the long-term success of this space,” Argo Blockchain CEO Peter Wall said during his keynote speech, titled “Bitcoin Mining Nirvana: Large-scale Immersion Mining in Rural Texas.”

There was even an ASIC museum: “The Coin Dad” put together a showcase of every type of machine that mined cryptocurrency.

Crypto Caverns’ presence at the event (complete with an inflatable couch and TV giveaway) was critical — we educated people on GPU mining and the facts surrounding the environmental impacts of the trade.

We made useful and valuable connections, and sales, too. Not only that, but we met some big names in the community who may make an appearance on our podcast in the future. Keep up with our podcast by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.

The time was ripe for the crypto mining community to meet and engage. The past year has been an important one for mining. A study from IMARC Group reported that the global cryptocurrency market reached a value of $1,782 Billion in 2021, and expects the market to reach $32,420 billion by 2027.

Co-founder and COO of Luxor Mining Ethan Vera summed up the key takeaways of the conference in a Twitter thread. He concluded that industry spirit and optimism are higher than the media has portrayed them, and that while many companies have lower profits this year, the conviction that mining is a viable business is still high.

“What I took away from Miner Disrupt in Miami last week is that the right companies are still raising capital on the basis of solid teams, real data, analytical rigor, and professionalism,” Talen Energy Senior. Director Digital Strategy and Asset Optimization Alex Brammer wrote in his Substack, Civ Maxi.

Our attendance at Mining Disrupt was a resounding success and only underscores the many exciting new things that are to come here at Crypto Caverns. Stay tuned!

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